PCGrate-SX v.6.7.1 32/64-bit

License type, UI-type Price
permanent, xml-type-software, sl $ 10806
permanent, gui-type-software, sl $ 16210
permanent, complete-type-software, sl $ 21614
perpetual, xml-type-software, sl $ 18370
perpetual, complete-type-software, sl $ 34581
perpetual, gui-type-software, sl $ 26476

$ 10,806$ 34,581


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The PCGrate®-S(X) v. 6.7.1 32/64-bit series toolkit:
  • Combines the brilliant performance of the earlier implementations of PCGrates.
  • Uses modern Graphical User Interface with 3-D and 2-D Open GL graphs.
  • Includes 2D scanning & 3D efficiency plots. 2D scanning allows one to vary two independent parameters together to solve grating efficiency tasks.
    3D efficiency plots allow one to visualize the results obtained with 2D scanning.



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